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GFSS Inc. © 2013 - All Rights Reserved

GFSS Inc. © 2013 - All Rights Reserved




Hatching out yellow or various shades of marron and red, these small tree-dwelling snakes turn green as they mature. Some develop beautiful blue markings, some develop white markings.. and others retain some yellow color. Native to Australia and the Indonesian Islands, Green Tree Pythons (sometimes called "Chondros" or "Chondro Pythons") come from a variety of different locales. We keep mostly designer types (mixed heritage) and breed for bright blue markings.


Green Tree Pythons are a small species.. most only grow to be 3'-5' in length. They require high humidity and warm temperatures. Green tree pythons spend their days sleeping on their perches, and become active and aggressive hunters once night falls. Some locales or individuals can be human-aggressive, while others can be very docile and even easy to handle. Babies are what we call "TINY fragile little things!" and should not be handled or forced off their perch. Somewhat sensitive to keeper error, they aren't extremely difficult to raise so long as their needs are met.. but it is best to have some basic experience with tropical snake species before attempting to keep a Green Tree Python.

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